About us

The creator of Boschinoni Couture, Laura Boschinoni, believes in creativity embracing all that is beautiful and special.

Laura Boschinoni, who developed the Boschinoni Couture brand, draws inspiration from the wonderful things she has seen on her many travels around the world.

The designer of the Boschinoni Couture brand, Laura Boschinoni, devotes herself fully to creating beautiful knitwear for children, while her faithful and trusted colleague Alessandra Crosara handles all the aspects of organisation and management of the Company.


Boschinoni Couture is a world of luxury, tenderness and love.

It is where small, limited edition knitted treasures are exclusively made to measure.

Delicate and nimble hands bring to life masterpieces that evoke timeless emotions. The garments are designed not only for new-borns, but also for important or special ‘limited edition’ occasions. Everything is hand-made with love, in the name of the very finest Italian artistic craftsmanship.